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Linda Nolan Cosby

Beloved wife of George "Rusty" Cosby. Linda passed away recently. She was truly a great person and we will miss her presence. A tribute is tentatively scheduled March 4th at 12:00 noon at the club house, 500 Rancheros Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069.

The San Diego Metro Pigeon Club (SDMPC) is dedicated to promoting the pigeon hobby through fellowship, education, and competition. The late Elmer Uhrich and Stanley Gentz founded the SDMPC in the early 60's.  Their passion was to help youngsters enjoy a hobby that was safe, educational, and a lot of fun.

Our programs are geared to both adults and juniors.  We hold meetings throughout the year which act as a training ground for members to show pigeons, learn more about the hobby, and spend time with other pigeon fanciers. Our goal is to help each member become as successful as they desire in their hobby.

Come join in the fun.  You won't find a more helpful and friendly group of pigeon fanciers than at the SDMPC. There is a broad range of pigeon types.  There is a breed just right for either you, your son, or daughter.  The choices are almost endless.

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San Diego Metro Pigeon Club


San Diego Metro Pigeon Club Table Show & Meetings

The San Diego Metro Pigeon Club holds pigeon shows and club meetings on the even numbered months of the year (February, April, June, August, October, & December). Check the San Diego Metro Pigeon Club Calendar page for the latest schedule as dates and times may change due to our members affiliation with specialty clubs. If the membership wishes to reschedule a show date, it will be posted on the Pigeon Club Calendar.

The pigeon shows are held at the Linda Vista Recreation Center and normally start at 12:00 Noon, with the exception of the Paul Platz Young Bird Show which starts at 10:00 AM and the Annual San Diego Metro Pigeon Club Fiesta Show in December which starts at 8:00 AM.

Meeting location:

Linda Vista Recreation Center

7064 Levant Street
San Diego, CA 92113

Map of San Diego Metro Pigeon Club Venue

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