The United Statesí largest and premier annual pigeon show

Sponsored by the National Pigeon Association Hosted by the San Diego Metropolitan Pigeon Club In cooperation of the Los Angeles Pigeon Club

News Flash

Total Entries and Saturday Overnight News (12-16-10)

I know many are anticipating how many birds have been entered in the NPA Grand National in San Diego, after two years of promoting the show and concerns over the lagging economy. The deadline has passed and we have the results: we have counted over 6,400 entries as of Dec. 16! Most of them have paid and we have received nearly 100 exhibitor entries by e-mail using the online form! We will not be accepting any more late entries after Dec. 17, including by mail. Exhibitors who havenít paid for their entry risk entries being returned.

Many exhibitors told us they are coming for the first time. We have over 1,050 room nights reserved, shattering all expectations.

For exhibitors staying the night at the Town & Country Saturday, Jan. 8, we can hold your birds in your personal carrier(s) in a meeting room on location. You must pick them up by the requested time and location the following Sunday morning. Watch for more direction at the show.

SuperShuttle reduces shuttle cost to $10 each way between airport and Town&Country!

Click on the link above and complete online form. Rate is for shared rides.

Private shuttle is $56 (you can split cost with someone) needed for multiple carriers.

Enterprise Rental Car provides show discount!

Click on the link above; 5% proceeds go to pay for show!

The Show promises to be a San Diego grand event

Already known for its loyal following and long history among pigeon fanciers, this show is expected to be one of the most exhibited and talked-about pigeon show in years. Itís taken 33 years for it to return to the city, and in January 2009, when it was announced that San Diego was awarded the show, organizers were hard at work billing the event through the clubs and key principals world-wide. Many people in several countries are already talking about it. Why? One of the obvious reasons is that San Diego is a premier destination in January, and itíll be a vacation destination for their families. Many of the shows recently have been held in colder climates of the U.S. because many pigeon exhibitors live in the rural areas. So this one is well anticipated, especially since the hotel is near the airport and centrally located in the heart of San Diego.

The Grand Hall and Resort

Show committee members and Town & Country reps inked a deal that promises to be win-win for everyone! The show will be held in the resortís new 41,000 sq.ft. Grand Hall. Itíll be a week-long event with the hall filled with up to 6,000 pedigreed, exhibition pigeons, several hundred exhibitors nation and world-wide, and include vendors and activities staged throughout the week. Every bird exhibited will be judged, and many others will be sold or auctioned. Junior fanciers (under age 20) will have experiences thatíll last a lifetime, and master breeders with 40 or 50 years of experience will take part. Itíll be a great spectacle for a hobby once an American cultural icon in the 1900ís, and a great forum for family, pet lovers and the intrigued! It will be open to the public and the media will be contacted. Another big draw to this show is that exhibitors wonít have to travel anywhere to get to their rooms, find a place to eat or to go to a meeting or the banquet. The Town & Country is a 32-acre resort oasis, featuring five restaurants, three lounges, three pools, a day spa and salon, and over 5,000 palm trees, gardens and flowering plants. Guests will stay in charming garden rooms or tower rooms with balconies.

Calendar of Events 2010-11
Dec. 8 Mail-in Pigeon Entry Deadline
Dec. 11 E-mail Pigeon Entry Deadline
Jan. 5 Showroom open 12 Noon to 11:00 PM Exhibitors coop birds; specialty club arrange judging areas
Jan. 6

First day of show; coop birds by noon (latest by 4 p.m.) Judging begins. Showroom closes 10 p.m.

Jan. 7 Judging continues; show banquet 7 p.m.; showroom closes 10 p.m.
Jan. 8 Final judging; specialty club auctions; carriers released at 4 p.m.; birds released at 5 p.m.; show ends.


2011 NPA Grand National Pigeon Show Jan. 6-8

Town & Country Resort
500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108
Doors open at 8 a.m. Jan. 6-8

  • E-mail inquiries to:

  • Mail correspondence to:
    1035 East Vista Way, #126
    Vista, CA 92084-4606

  • Clarence Legg, co-superintendent
    Ph: 619-659-9420

  • Larry Foos, co-superintendent/treasurer, Ph: 619-741-2977

  • Mark Johnson, sponsorship coordinator,
    Ph: -619-442-4005

  • Tom Henchy, show secretary/entry coordinator

  • Bob Nolan, publicity director,
    Ph: 949-493-0167

  • John Oaks & Kathie Johnson, banquet coordinators

  • Paul Bayani, website administrator

2011 Grand National 
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Banquet and Exhibitor Prizes
Show Rules
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Exhibitor and Guest Registration Information
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A view of the Town & Countryís Grand Hall and Regency Tower across from the Riverwalk Golf course in Mission Valley.

Salt Lake City, Utah National 2010- Our 2011 Display Booth seen left side

Lancaster, PA 2009 National


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